The diverse team of product development specialists at the core of Soltronix first came together in 1994, as a product development team, working on a non-invasive glucose monitor for Cygnus, Inc. of Redwood City California. In July of 1999 the group separated from their employer following a change of ownership and founded Soltronix in May of 2000. Still supporting the GlucoWatch® Biographer, the team sought new clientele and have grown the business into a thriving product development practice.

Soltronix is the premier source to help you span the gaps between product concepts, successful implementation and lucrative markets. Our cross-functional team of product development specialists are dedicated to carrying your ideas from promising concepts to exciting realities.

In a fast-paced, competitive environment, Soltronix provides a talented, close-knit and flexible group of engineering experts. A team with the vast experience to help you develop your products quickly, efficiently, and profitably. A partnership with you to ensure quality and success every time.

Complete product development management, circuit board layout, industrial design, electrical or mechanical design, or even troubleshooting. No matter what engineering challenges you face, you want the team at Soltronix on your side.