Soltronix has helped companies from a wide range of industries to develop and manufacture successful products. Here is what some of them had to say:

"We at Schmitt Industries greatly appreciate the work you did for us supporting our engineering staff while investigating and resolving a number of technical issues for our new Acoustic Emission Monitoring product." more...
David Case
VP Operations, Schmitt Industries

"To make this dream a reality, we have drawn on your organization’s wide-ranging skills in the areas of electrical design, mechanical design, software development, manufacturing and project management." more...
John Hodgman
Chairman, President, CEO, Cygnus

"Most of our interaction has been in the area of product development which has drawn on your organizations wide ranging skills in the areas of electrical design, mechanical design, manufacturing and project management. I’ve been fortunate to interact and learn from such a talented group over the 4-5 years." more...
Matthew J. Lesho, Ph.D.
Product Leader, Gluco Watch2® Biographer

"The team at Pixelworks greatly appreciated the technical prowess Soltronix provided. They began contributing almost immediately and provided a fresh outlook and approach to the engineering obstacles on our project." more...
Les Decker,
Director, Systems Engineering, Pixelworks

"From our rough sketch and supplier’s list you developed a superior design, documentation and manufacturing scenario that allowed us a versatile strategy for a fluctuating demand while reducing our costs." more...
Jeff Mucha ,
Director, Octanium